Information about company

Our commercial offer includes:

- Livestock windows made of PVC
- Window mosquito nets
- Steel external window sills

Windows for livestock buildings.

The livestock windows we offer are made on the fittings of the German company DIMEX and the DECCO four-chamber frame with a thickness of 6 cm, with double glazed 4/6/4. (4-thickness of the pane, 6 - the gap between the panes, 4- the thickness of the second pane)

In terms of quality, safety and technical and operational values, DIMEX and DECCO products are among the world's best, which is confirmed by appropriate certificates issued by research laboratories around the world.

Our windows are perfect for:
- breeding rooms (cowsheds, pigsties ...)
- utility rooms (basements, garages ..)
- halls, Dutch houses

Windows consist only of plastic elements (acid-proof screws). The frames of these windows guarantee stability and durability.

There is no question of deformation or discoloration of the profiles!

Glazing beads allow the use of insulated glass (4-6-4mm) improving the heat transfer coefficient and the noise attenuation coefficient in the room.

The tightness of our windows is guaranteed by highly weather-resistant rebate gaskets made of synthetic rubber (EPDM).

The windows are available in dimensions from 0.40 m high by 0.60 m wide to 1.00 m high by 1.20 m wide, in the version with double glazing.

We also make windows in non-standard sizes (up to the centimeter) under the customer's order.

Windows are available in two variants:
- with a tilting glass (three-stage tilt adjustment) + the entire sash can be easily removed from the frame,
- FIX - Fixed, invisible window / display case.

Windows can be colored (it is a one-sided color - veneer on the outside and white inside the room)

Window mosquito nets

Our mosquito nets are made of aluminum - very durable and resistant to weather conditions - powder coated frames and fiberglass mesh, coated with PVC. Mosquito nets are mounted on non-invasive, rotating bolts. By installing our mosquito net, you do not lose the window warranty !!! ONLY WITH US you can buy a utility window in a set with a mosquito net. We make mosquito nets, depending on the needs of our customers, with a mesh: - PVC coated fiberglass (original mesh with a mesh size of 1.2x1.2 mm) - ventilation (green with wind resistance up to 60%, mesh size 2x3mm) - galvanized steel ( ideal for birds and rodents, with a mesh size of 2.5x2.5mm)

Steel external window sills

Our offer also includes external steel window sills in the following colors:
- White
- brown (Ral 8017)

We make window sills according to the customer's order.
The price includes two PVC ends.

We invite you to cooperate,
we offer manufacturer prices, German quality and fast order fulfillment.


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